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Business Services

Existing markets and new market segments are addressed in several business services.

High end On Site Mechanical Services

High end On Site Mechanical Services

High end On Site Mechanical Services: Alignments, vibration and 3D measurements, 3D scanning and on site machining. AlignmentsTotal solutions, which include alignment surveys, save your time.Because we offer flatness and straightness measurements before repairs, machining and mechanical installations, you avoid engaging additional consultants. With our total solutions, you save time and can reduce your costs. We can also carry out the required survey as a stand alone service. This means that we have both in-depth know-how and long experience in this field. VibrationVibration analysis is the peak method available in predictive maintenance programs.  The vibration signature of a machine under load conditions provides more information about the workings of the machinery than any other non-destructive testing method available! 3D measurements, 3D scanningVarious different objects, elements and systems must be checked to meet specified construction and operation tolerances (3D geometry). These tolerances are usually less than one millimeter. The 3D object geometry of various elements is comprised either from precisely defined distances between individual parts (parallelism, equal angle, etc.) and/or of an existing CAD model. We provide and use optical 3D measuring systems that meet these requirements. The non-contact laser measuring technology makes it possible to measure, verify, or monitor the 3D geometry of various objects  On site machining: On-site machining gives you shorter stoppages and lower total cost.With the help of on-site machining, we can repair or service your equipment on site wherever you are in the world. Our in-house developed technology for on-site machining can be utilised in any assignment that can be carried out in a normally equipped workshop. This means that we can help you immediately with work that for example needs turning, pipe cutting, bevelling, tapping, drilling, boring, milling, grinding or thermal spraying.